Mom's Night Out Monthly Call

 Join faith-filled women like you once a month as Sonja leads conversations about how to stop yourself from falling into the Survivor Mode Cycle and finally be fully present for your Big Moments in real time with real encouragement.

Is this call for you?

While my daughters started growing up and having those exciting Big Moments, I was trying not to show them that it was a Big Moment for me, too, except I was grieving and I felt alone

I was overwhelmed by the thought of losing them and my purpose, and I fell into Survivor Mode - I missed out on being truly present for my daughter's graduation, another's bridal shower, and so much more. I was there, but I was stressed and hurting and lonely.

I knew I couldn't influence my husband or kids this way. The Lord taught me how unhealthy I was. I discovered WHY I react and communicate the way that I do when I'm stressed. When I learned how unhealthy I truly was and how I could respond well to stress, I was a whole different woman. This membership is for moms with kids who are growing into adulthood and beyond who don't want to be alone in this season of life and who want to learn how to handle stress well (instead of just surviving it!). You'll not only be surrounded by friends, but by watching my courses you'll learn how to stop from falling into survivor mode, too.

This call is for you if you want to join in the conversation and learn how to be fully present in their Big Moments!

So, here's the plan.

Unlock Your Super Powers

Take control of the overwhelm by learning your healthy and unhealthy motivations with the Enneagram and our Needs and Values assessment by asking questions and learning from Sonja. Dive deep into emotional health!

Meet New Friends

Meet other women like you on the Mom's Night Out Call, where we talk on a live call once a month to grow true friendships so we can walk together through whatever God has for you. You don't have to be alone!

Enjoy Your Big Moments

Moments already matter, but it's how you live them that will either bring joy or heartache. It's time to take actionable steps from direct access to Sonja to make every moment to the next level of joy–even when it's hard. 

What my members are saying...

Lisa C. said,

"Thank you for the info and encouragement! The other day when we were on the zoom call together you [Sonja] said that i may be pulling from my 3 harmony [Enneagram Harmony]. i had never thought about that and when you said that it was like a lightbulb went off in me. It seems to fit! Thanks!!

My brain went from condemnation to freedom as i was processing it. I finally feel that it's okay to be me - I know that sounds ridiculous but i feel like many others go through this too. Anyways, thank you so much for the feedback! I  hope you make many good memories of the upcoming weeks and you get to enjoy them and don't get stuck in survivor mode.😎 I'll be praying for you! 💛💛💛"

Brooke S. said,

"My daughter, she's 13, didn’t want to be honest with me about the reasons she didn’t wanna go [to her Sunday school] because she didn’t want us to fight. She didn’t want us to have conflict. But I wouldn’t have gotten to that solution if I hadn’t thought of Sonja’s Head, Heart, and Gut Tool and been able to get her out of her head and figure out what she was feeling. And so by knowing Sonja’s strategy, I was able to help her shift out of her head and into her heart and kind of figure out what’s actually going on and where that was coming from. Yeah, it worked really well!”

You know that feeling you get when you start to get overwhelmed with new changes or life events?

You stop acting like yourself–maybe you get so stressed you shut down (or maybe it's the opposite and you become a drill sergeant)? 

This is what I call going into "Survivor Mode." Each of us is created with unique personalities, so this mode will look different for everyone. But the one thing in common: you're just trying to survive the emotions and chaos and you stop being fully present. Your family misses you, and you miss you, too.

As women of God we don't want to be on this continual survivor mode cycle when Big Moments happen. We don't want to get so overwhelmed that we push our spouse and/or kids away and miss out on the joy. We want to be the mom that our adult kids want to be around, am I right? 



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Why Should This Membership Matter to You?


You might be asking "What does this matter?" And here's my answer: your kids' Big Moments are your Big Moments, too, Mom. They are growing up, going to college, dating, getting married... spending less and less time with you. And all while they are feeling excited, you are feeling more and more of the struggle of watching them grow up and leave home. You're figuring out who you are without them.

It's not easy. I use tools that will give you practical steps to stop yourself from going into what I call "survivor mode," so you can be fully present for the Big Moments and feel all the emotions. If survivor mode takes over, you'll be stuffing all those emotions deep down and going into an unhealthy space. And while you're trying to "just survive" the chaos or difficulty, you miss opportunities to see God in bigger ways; and your kids miss opportunities to see you be the mom they'll want to come back to during their holidays and vacations. 

This membership gives you the strategy and the accountability to grow and remain the healthy woman that your family loves and God designed you to become. So I hope you join us as we embark on this journey together!

Because when we participate together, we can celebrate together!

All my love,




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