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One-On-One Mentorship

My hand-in-hand mentorship program (with just me!) where you will develop a new mindset using my practical tools and strategic, personalized homework that will enable you to stop going into "survivor mode" every time life gets messy and finally start to enjoy being fully present in all of your Big Moments.

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Identify Your Type Workshop for $67

My one-on-one, 60-minute workshop includes a 200-question Enneagram assessment that will help you identify what your healthy and unhealthy motivations are, grow in your walk with Christ, and learn what it means for you to be emotionally and relationally healthy.

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Moms' Night Out

Join other women like you to join in the live conversation once a month who will grow and encourage you in your Big Moments. Includes online courses, live member calls with me, and daily accountability from other members to stop yourself from falling into your unique survivor mode cycle during every Big Moment. Finally be fully present for you and your family and enjoy your Big Moments!

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Couples Night Out

My 2 hour, interactive Zoom event to get the 'aha!' moment on how to communicate with each other by understanding each other's needs, values, and motivations in order to feel truly loved and respected. Find the missing page of your "Marriage Owner's Manual." Includes two in-depth, 200-question Enneagram assessments & two, 18-page Needs and Values assessments.

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