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45: Don’t Take it Personally and Other Fun Stuff Moms Need to Hear About Traditions

We really just shot in the dark with this one (it’s the holidays, we’re busy, too!), so it’s a fun conversation about traditions, gift giving, and making the season truly mean something for your family. What can you do to be more intentional to love your adult kids well? What does making a Christmas list have to do with personalities? Here’s to our incredibly random episode where we came up with these topics on the fly:

  •  Why the gift giving and receiving might be a stressor
  •  Changing holiday traditions with your adult kids when they get married
  •  How to make your daughter-in-law or son-in-law feel more welcomed into your family traditions
  •  What you should do when your kids make their own decisions
  •  Don’t be the mom who takes things personally